3: Settings

Click settings on the upper right, you can set up the debug window , threads, autologin, and more here.

Debug Window--Most functions will need this, so it's better to keep it on

Task running thread--4 means you can run 4 tasks of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.

Number of debug windows--4 means you can run 4 thread simultaneously with one campaign, for example, like 4 Facebook posts at once.

Disable Image--In case you need to save proxy roaming, you can turn on "disable imag", but some features maybe limited.

Promoted to Update-- Means Update Notice, when there's a new version, do you want to be noticed?

Statistic--Reports Based on accounts

Task Statistic--Reports Based on Tasks

Auto login--Auto login serial number

YouTube Operation: Origin means JS, Web means Webdriver

Instagram Operation: Origin means JS, Web means Webdriver 

Open File Name: Uploading Image/Video in some campaign