Black Friday Marketing Tips and Strategies for 2021

What does Black Friday mean? 

Black Friday is considered to be the official start of the holiday shopping season and was designated the biggestshopping day of the year in 2000, with discounts and savings offered by brands worldwide.

It falls on the first Friday following Thanksgiving. In 2021, this will be Friday 26th November.

No matter how great your Black Friday sales are, no one will know about them unless you have a solid Black Friday marketing strategy. This includes marketing Black Friday deals on social media, leveraging great email marketing, and letting your customers (and potential customers) know what awesome deals you have available for the holiday shopping season.

Ask your customers about their preferences

Regardless of your industry, polls and surveys are always a good way to understand your audience's opinions and preferences and gather valuable information. Once you've got your customers' feedback, you can make the most of it in your next marketing move, as Le Shop did. The Swiss online supermarket made the most of Black Friday with a battle to ask consumers for their opinions on its products. To encourage as many people as possible to participate, the supermarket offered delivery subscriptions through a prize draw for all participants.

Optimize Your Website Performance

While having enough traffic come to your site that it causes it to crash may sound like an unachievable (and almost enviable) problem to some, a critical part of a successful Black Friday marketing strategy is to prepare for a potential surge in traffic.

If you are an online retailer, you know how important your website is. Getting ready for Black Friday means you need to be prepared for increased traffic while maintaining the quality and fast load times of your landing pages.

Studies show that if your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, it starts to drop at a rate of 1% for every additional second that users wait. However, if your landing page loads within 1 second, you can achieve an average conversion rate of 32%.

Make Black Friday last longer

Start your Black Friday marketing as early as PromoFarma.com does! The e-commerce platform is running a 12-day instant win campaign on its website. Participants simply enter their contact details and click "Enter" to try to win one of three daily prizes (gift vouchers, skincare products, sports watches, etc.). They instantly find out if they've won! Finally, participants are encouraged to share their instant wins on their social media.

Strengthen your social media presence

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can have a 71% impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. For e-commerce companies, it is also one of the few digital marketing platforms that allow for direct audience engagement.

As well as raising awareness of Black Friday deals, social media can also be used to listen to customers' needs and keep them happy during the event.

Here are some tricks for Black Friday marketing on social media.

Optimise social media accounts. Use clear profile pictures and brand cover photos. Include keywords in your bio that are relevant to your business. Make sure all featured links are working.

Take advantage of social shopping features. Merchants can connect their online shops to platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, allowing customers to buy directly from their feed. This feature helps remove the friction that can slow down the shopping experience.

JarveePro works with the most popular social networks which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. You can schedule your Black Friday marketing campaigns in advance with JarveePro.

Several ways to create urgency:

Display the stock level when the quantity is low. Doing so creates the sense that the product will be gone soon. 

Launch a flash sale. Flash sales are discounts and deals that last for a short time, typically between a few hours up to a day. 

Reward the fastest customers. For example, offer free delivery or a free gift to the first hundred customers.

Prep, preview, and schedule your Black Friday social media posts using JarveePro – you can publish to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr, all from one easy-to-use desktop dashboard.