3 social media platforms you should included for your business in 2022

Social media can be one of your company’s most profitable marketing channels. It’s a perfect way to build brand awareness, connect with existing customers, and generate new leads for your business. But with over 65 social media platforms in existence, which one will you choose that can work best for your business?

We have already mentioned four social media platforms for business in the previous blog (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter). And I am sure you must apply them for business and drive many sales for yourself. But are there any other social media platforms can do the same for you as well?

The answer is definitely yes. Today, we will share three social media platforms to youThe platforms we’re looking at are:

#1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a networking tool exclusively for professionals and has revolutionized the way we seek, find, and get hired for jobs. It’s also a pretty good resource for sharing content. One thing to keep in mind about LinkedIn is that you’re more likely to find business partners than new customers there. People go to LinkedIn not for entertainment or online shopping but to learn more about their industry, see what their professional contacts are up to, and look for new career opportunities.

  • Founded: 2002

  • Monthly Active Users:310 million

  • Standout Features

LinkedIn includes your industry to make yourself visible to those who are performing research on it. 

Your LinkedIn profile prominently features the content you create through their blogging feature.

Your LinkedIn Summary allows you to amplify your story with richer media while making your profile visually interesting.

How to use LinkedIn with JarveePro

  • Send group invitation to friends with JarveePro

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  • Powerful Search feature provided by JarveePro

JarveePro can help you search LinkedIn users to follow/unfollow and get more attention to your LinkedIn Profile by liking and commenting on targeted people’s posts.

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#2. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms for small businesses. On average, Pinterest gives a $4.3 return for every $1 spent on ads, which makes it a less expensive and more profitable advertising platform than Facebook or Twitter. All it takes is a consistent schedule, creative pictures, and a strategy for growing followers on Pinterest.

  • Founded: 2009

  • Monthly Active Users:431 million

  • Standout Features

Pinterest has nothing but visual content so you need a number of tools to improve the quality of your images so that you can stand out in the Pinterest feed.

Pinterest allows you to include affiliate links in your Pins to earn commissions on sales.

How to use Pinterest with JarveePro

  • Follow/unfollow with JarveePro

JarveePro can help you search for Pinterest users with the same interests as you and follow them to grow your account and find new leads. It can also help you follow only the people that are genuinely interested in your business and unfollow those that did not follow you back.

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JarveePro can help you schedule your pins at the right time, keep your Pinterest profiles active, engaging, and interesting. It can also help you share or upload photos and videos to your Pinterest accounts directly from your computer.

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#3. Tumblr

When people talk about social media marketing, Tumblr typically isn't mentioned. But that doesn't mean it doesn't have value. You can use Tumblr contribute to its community and reach its' audience for your business. Tumblr is more than just a place to share life updates, GIFs and pop culture memes. On Tumblr, you can write long blog posts and share photo sets and videos. Besides, unlike on other platforms, there are few limits to what you can share on the site.

  • Founded: 2007

  • Monthly Active Users:16.74 million

  • Standout Features

Using Tumblr can improve your SEO as it is indexed within search engines. 

Tumblr offers a microblog, a tool that allows quick and easy sharing of your posts.

You can post tons of different stuff on Tumblr, in addition to blogs, such as videos, links and images.

How to use Tumblr with JarveePro

  • Follow/unfollow with JarveePro

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Wrapping up

We have learned three more social media platforms for your business. Adopt JarveePro today, you can grow these platforms' accounts with ease with the help of JarveePro in 2022. With the right momentum, you’ll start to see more traffic and conversions in no time! Actions speaks louder than words. Click here, grow your business with JarveePro right away.